Crisis in Kenya leaves guilty stain on the west

1 January 2008

By Michael Holman

As western leaders scramble to prevent Kenya's descent into chaos they should find time to consider their own failure to respond to a crisis that has been long in the making. Seldom has an African tragedy been signalled so far in advance. Fore hte past three years the international donor community, led by the World Bank and supported by the International Monetary Fund, have ignored the warning signs and knowingly backed one of Africa's most corrupt regimes. 

World Bank is wide awake to corruption in Kenya

24 February 2006

From Mr Gobind Nankani.

Sir, Michael Holman ("The donors who turn a blind eye to Kenyan sleaze" 16 February 2006) claims that the World Bank has continued lending large amounts of money to Kenya without regard for corruption there. This is simply not true. In this article are the facts, which are publicly available on our website

Kenya's afflictions go far beyond scandals of corruption

20 February 2006

From Prof Jeffrey D Sachs.

Sir, I was sorry to see Michael Homan's justified distatase for Kenyan corruption transformed into an illogical rant against the aid donors to that country ("The donors who turn a blind eye to Kenyan sleaze", 16 February 2006)


The donors who turn a blind eye to Kenyan sleaze

15 February 2005

By Michael Holman

Not since an outraged German banker exposed the multibillion dollar fiddles Presdient Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire has there been such an authoritative account of sleaze in an African state as the revelations of John Githengo, Kenya's anti-corruption supremo. 

A last chance for laid-back leader of the opposition – Financial Times

4 January 2003

When Mwai Kibaki made his first speech as president to a jostling, sweating, over-excited crowd of half a million Kenyans this week, many were surprised by both it's tone and content.

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