A Candid Twist in the Tale

16 October 2005

Michael Holman's Last Orders at Harrods is candid indictment of the African's inability to successfully manage his affairs, says Okechukwu Uwaezuoke

A Candid Twist in the Tale

Corruption, hope and charity

27 May 2005

Author: James Urquhart

A review of Michael Holman's debut novel, Last Orders at Harrods.

"Last Orders at Harrods" is full of incongruous truths about the nature of corruption and the conditions imposed by foreign donors, as well as jibes about the laziness of foreign correspondents..."

News from Ndinji

1 January 1993

DR JULIUS K. Nyerere, the erstwhile president of Tanzania who remains chairman if his country's ruling (and only) party, is a remarkable man.



Halcyon days and brutal war in Rhodesia

1 January 1993

Halcyon days and brutal war in Rhodesia'Peter may have shot me. We were on different sides', writes Micahel Holman on a poignant account of growing up in Africa

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