Africa is rising - and Britain's bwanas are out of step

28 February 2012

Africa is on the move: from basket case to a potential bread basket, from dodgy debtor to investor opportunity. Too bad that Britain risks remaining out of step and out of touch.



A bent needle on your moral compass

12 June 2011

From Mr Michael Holman

London, E3 UK

Sir, In your editorial “In praise of a free and vigorous press” (July 9) you describe the News of the World as a “venerable” tabloid newspaper. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “venerable” thus: “accorded great respect because of age, wisdom or character”. Did you mislay your dictionary? Or is your moral compass somewhat wonky?

Time for Britain to start talking to Mugabe

29 May 2011

By Michael Holman

With Mugabe's health failing, it is time for Britain to re-engage, writes Michael Holman. Time is running out for Robert Mugabe. The combination of advancing years and poor health are taking their toll on the 87-year-old despot. As mortality catches up with Zimbabwe's president, so an opportunity should be opening for Britain to re-engage with its former colony. 

The African renaissance is under way

22 March 2011

Africa is on the move. Not since the era of decolonisation has there been such an upbeat assessment of the continent’s prospects. From Cape Town to Cairo, from the Indian Ocean beaches to the oil-rich Atlantic, a billion people, hardworking and hustling, are changing the face of a vast region, one that could accommodate China and Europe, India and the United States, with room to spare for Argentina and New Zealand.

Austerity, Bono and a culure of cuts

22 December 2010

By Michael holman


Thank goodness, the IMF and the bank don't bother us in Africa. Instead they now watch Ireland, writes Michael Holman An article about "cuts".

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