A bent needle on your moral compass

12 June 2011

From Mr Michael Holman

London, E3 UK

Sir, In your editorial “In praise of a free and vigorous press” (July 9) you describe the News of the World as a “venerable” tabloid newspaper. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “venerable” thus: “accorded great respect because of age, wisdom or character”. Did you mislay your dictionary? Or is your moral compass somewhat wonky?

Dizzy Worms - An African Tale

11 April 2010

In DIZZY WORMS, the final novel in the satirical Kuwisha trilogy, Michael Holman draws an affectionate portrait of a region beset by the machinations of local politicians and the attentions of diplomats, foreign donors, aid workers, and journalists.

Dizzy Worms - An African Tale

A Profile of Michael Holman

15 March 2010

An interview by Marianne Brown.

"Holman has had a front row seat at one of the world’s theatres, the rise and fall of Africans nations. But instead of hogging the view, he invites you in and tells you to eat your biscuit."

What next for Zimbabwe - Q&A with Michael Holman

2 April 2008

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change is claiming victory in Zimbabwe's elections. But the announcement of the official results is being delayed, amid allegations of vote-rigging by President Robert Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF party. Journalist and author Michael Holman answers questions. 

Last Orders at Harrods

20 June 2005

Michael Holman's satirical fictional debut novel. This African Tale is full of humour, home truths, anger and romance whilst exposing the humbug and humanity of life in modern Africa. 

Last Orders at Harrods