The west lays itself a trap over Uganda’s anti-gay laws

5 March 2014

Once a favourite of international aid donors, Uganda’s president is the target of western outrage following his decision last week to approve one of the continent’s nastiest anti-homosexual laws.

Africa has to act on Zimbabwe to avert a disaster

3 December 2013

Something is stirring in Africa. Belatedly, often reluctantly, its leaders are speaking out on Zimbabwe. The rogue president in their ranks, they are coming to realise, poses a threat with the potential to destabilise their fragile continent, already caught in a growing storm.

A walk to freedom... and chaos

2 December 2013

Nelson Mandela emerged with tantalising slowness. For the first time in 27 years the outside world was about to see the man who had become an iconic image for the century.

Face up to reality and start talking to Robert Mugabe

10 September 2013

It is time for the west to take stock, set aside old scores and take a fresh look at Zimbabwe.

What Kibaki’s snub means for old Europe

7 April 2012

There is bad news for those aggrieved European diplomats whose complaints about being denied access to President Kibaki made headlines last weekend.

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