CV: Michael Holman, Africa Editor, Financial Times

25 September 2013

Born 23-12-45: in Penzance, Cornwall, but parents emigrated to southern Africa in 1947; brought up in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe

The Worrywort Song

25 September 2013

A song written by Michael Holman to the tune of .....

In celebration of Jean Burgess

3 November 2010

Read on behalf of Michael Holman by Gabrielle Stubbs

There are some debts which, by their nature, cannot be repaid - although they will always be remembered by those who were favoured.

A Profile of Michael Holman

15 March 2010

An interview by Marianne Brown.

"Holman has had a front row seat at one of the world’s theatres, the rise and fall of Africans nations. But instead of hogging the view, he invites you in and tells you to eat your biscuit."

Portrait Illustration

26 August 2004

A wonderful hand-drawn portait of Michael Holman done by YALO in 2004.

Portrait Illustration
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