Aid to Africa

27 May 2009

By Michael Holman

Arena (Michael Holman): Of course aid corrupts. The evidence is there, from Congo to Kenya. And who can doubt that most aid to Africa does not work:  a greater percentage of Kenyans today live in poverty than at independence some 45 years ago, despite billions of dollars of foreign assistens. 


Aid to Africa: not only mad, but dangerous to receive. 

Tainted date hide the cost of Africa's upheavals

24 May 2009

By Michael Holman and Greg Mills

Even by Africa's grim standards, it was a horrendous statistic: 5.4m people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo from "war-related causes since 1998", claimed the International Rescue Committee in January last year. Most of these statistics are treated as authentic because the United Nations or the World Bank is their source. However, an accurate count of lives lost in war or famine is never easy.