Leaked memos fuel poll dispute

10 January 2008

By William Wallis and Michael Holman in London and Krishna Guha in Washington


The World Bank was yesterday struggling to reaffirm its neutrality in Kenya's unfolding crisis following the leaking of confidential memos providing an account of the disputed election that appears to favour President Mwai Kibaki. 



Kenya: chaos and responsibility

3 January 2008

Kenya's much-vaunted presidential election on 27 December 2007 has turned from what could have been a trailblazing exercise in democracy into a catastrophe. A flawed count has been followed by escalating violence that may have taken as many as 300 lives.

Crisis in Kenya leaves guilty stain on the west

1 January 2008

By Michael Holman

As western leaders scramble to prevent Kenya's descent into chaos they should find time to consider their own failure to respond to a crisis that has been long in the making. Seldom has an African tragedy been signalled so far in advance. Fore hte past three years the international donor community, led by the World Bank and supported by the International Monetary Fund, have ignored the warning signs and knowingly backed one of Africa's most corrupt regimes. 

African legacies: settler-colonialism, land-politics

11 December 2007

When Robert Mugabe complained at the European Union-Africa summit in Lisbon on 8-9 December 2007 about the "arrogance" of Europe's leaders he was on the right track. Add "hypocrisy" and "ignorance" to arrogance, and he hits the target.

The Commonwealth: punching below weight

3 December 2007

We punch above our weight, claimed Commonwealth leaders who held their biennial heads-of-government summit (CHOGM) in the Ugandan capital Kampala on 23-25 November 2007. Who did they think they were fooling?

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