President who ruled in shadow of tyrants

9 October 2010

By Michael Holman

Shortly before the swearing in of Godfrey Binaisa, the former Ugandan president who died last week aged 90, an ominous notice appreared. Nailed above the entrance to the country's central bank - a dilapidated building in war-ravaged Kampala - it declared: "This structure is in danger of collapse" . 

A leader welcomed by the world

11 February 2010

Nelson Mandela emerged with tantalising slowness.

For the first time in 27 years the outside world was about to see the man who had become an iconic image of the century.

A leader welcomed by the world

Commonwealth accused of loss of 'moral leadership'

23 November 2009

By Michael Holman in London and William Wallis in Accra

Commonwealth leaders gathering in Trinidad for Friday's summit have surrendered their "moral leadership" by failing to act on the crisis in Zimbabwe, according to a report published today. 


Zimbabwe needs the west to engage Mugabe

20 August 2009

By Michael Holman


It is time for western governments to swallow their pride, re-engage in Zimbabwe and do business with Robert Mugabe. The country's battered people urgently need help: compassion and self-interest demands that the west provide it; the future of the oppotition Movement for Democratic Change could well depend on it. 

Aid to Africa

27 May 2009

By Michael Holman

Arena (Michael Holman): Of course aid corrupts. The evidence is there, from Congo to Kenya. And who can doubt that most aid to Africa does not work:  a greater percentage of Kenyans today live in poverty than at independence some 45 years ago, despite billions of dollars of foreign assistens. 


Aid to Africa: not only mad, but dangerous to receive. 

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