A calamity contained but not resolved

19 October 1985

Bob Geldof, the Irish pop singer, who has come to personify a fresh approach to aid – a generous man-in-the-street response to disaster couppled with an impatience over red tape – arrives in Ethiopia today.

Africa is striving for a fresh start

1 September 1993

Four years after the Wold Bank's seminal 1989 report, the continent's crisis is deepening and more children are dying, says Michael Holman.



Adrift, divided, and indebted

26 May 1995

General Sani Abacha has promised to put his country back on the path of economic reform and held our the prospect of a return to civilian rule. But the army's record of broken promises has all but destroyed its credibility, writes Michael Holman, Africa Editor.



The stalemate continues

26 May 1995

Politics: Paul Adams and Michael Holman discuss Abacha's dilemma

Brush, brush, brush, yet the dust remains

27 May 1995

Michael Holman discovers some purpose in an old woman;s seemingly futile, mindane and monotonous activity.

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