Kenya's afflictions go far beyond scandals of corruption

20 February 2006

From Prof Jeffrey D Sachs.

Sir, I was sorry to see Michael Homan's justified distatase for Kenyan corruption transformed into an illogical rant against the aid donors to that country ("The donors who turn a blind eye to Kenyan sleaze", 16 February 2006)


World Bank is wide awake to corruption in Kenya

24 February 2006

From Mr Gobind Nankani.

Sir, Michael Holman ("The donors who turn a blind eye to Kenyan sleaze" 16 February 2006) claims that the World Bank has continued lending large amounts of money to Kenya without regard for corruption there. This is simply not true. In this article are the facts, which are publicly available on our website

Spirited general who fought for the poor

26 June 2006

By Michael Holman

If wars have their unknown warriors, whose sacrifice enlightens and inspires survivors, then Susie Smith should be celebrated as an unknown general in the global battle against poverty. 

For three decades Smith, who died in Oxford last week aged 55, fought for the poor - first as a foot soldier in Africa and for the last 10 years as a compassionate and inspirational counsellor at Oxfam, the international developtment agency. 

Africa: celebrity and salvation

22 October 2006

More than twenty years ago Bob Geldof and I shared what turned out to be a case of wishful thinking. We believed that the millions of pounds raised by Band Aid in a response to the famine that was wracking Ethiopia would go towards ensuring that never again would we look at our television screens and see emaciated figures, the consequence of famine, dying.

Brilliant salesman in FT's toughest markets

9 November 2006

By Michael Holman and Quentin Peel

Raymond O'Donnell, who has died aged 67, was a brilliant international salesman for the Financial Times. He was also one of the great raconteurs and possessed a contacts book packed with friendships that spanned the world and bridged its divides. His bond with the FT lasted nearly 40 years, though he always remained a freelance. 


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