Welcome to the aid business!

26 June 2005

Behind the politicians and pop stars on display at the Gleneagles summit of the Group of Eight (G8) on 6-8 July, look out for another contingent of professionals: non-government organisations (NGOs).

Africa needs more financial aid like an alcoholic needs a stiff whisky

5 July 2005

By Michael Holman and Andrew Rugasira


Africa needs more financial aid like an alcoholic needs a stiff whiskey. Instead of Tony Blair, the British prime minister, and his Group of Eight colleagues providing more cash in Gleneagles, here are 10 ways to help Africa help itself that will cost little or nothing. 

The G8 summit: good for Africans?

10 July 2005

Is Africa better off after Gleneagles? The continent's profile is higher, debate about its crisis is better informed and more vigorous. That can only be a good thing.

Good news from Africa

14 September 2005

By Michael Holman


There is good news from the continent, but it is in danger of being buried under hand-wringing anguish and well-intented largesse. The good news is the emergence, not of a new breed of polician, but a new breed of business leaders. However, as a recent World Bank report points out, when it comes to improving the business climate for local or foreign investors, African countries lag well behind all other regions. 

Powerful personality who as PM twice failed Uganda

12 October 2005

By Michael Holman

Apollo Milton Obote, first prime minister of an independent Uganda, had a unique claim to fame. Alone among African leaders, he won back at the ballot box in 1980 the office he had lost in a coup nine years earlier to Idi Amin. Unfortunately for Uganda, both his sessions in office proved disastrous, and the country is still recovering from his malign legacy.


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